Terms & Conditions

The present rental is subject to the following terms and conditions which the tenant(s) undertake to execute and fulfill, namely:

1 – To occupy the premises only for residential purposes, with the exercise of any trade, profession, or industry being strictly prohibited, the tenant acknowledging that the premises covered by this contract are only rented to them for temporary and recreational residence purposes;

2 – To respect the accommodation capacity of the dwelling;

3 – Not to bring with him/them more than one pet (cat or dog);

4 – To respect the purpose of the dwelling and not to make any changes to the arrangement of furniture and premises;

5 – Not to replace oneself with anyone else, nor to sublet, in whole or in part, even for free, the rented premises, without the written agreement of the landlord;

6 – To be insured against rental risks, theft, fire, water damage, and neighbor’s claims, and to insure the rented furniture (either through their own insurance policy covering the risks of seasonal rental, or by taking out a specific insurance policy for the entire rental period);

7 – Refrain from disposing of objects in sinks, bathtubs, sinks, or toilets that could obstruct the pipes; otherwise, the tenant will be responsible for the costs incurred to restore these facilities to working condition;

8 – Make any complaints regarding the facilities within 48 hours of entering the accommodation. Otherwise, it will not be accepted;

9 – Notify the lessor as soon as possible of any damage affecting the dwelling, its furniture, or its equipment. Repairs necessitated by negligence or poor maintenance during the rental period will be the responsibility of the tenant(s).

10 – Authorize the Lessor, or any third party appointed by them for this purpose, to carry out any repairs deemed necessary due to urgency during the rental period. The Tenant(s) shall not claim any rent reduction in the event that urgent repairs that are the responsibility of the Lessor arise during the rental period

11 – Avoid any noise or behavior, whether by oneself, one’s family, or one’s acquaintances, that may disturb the neighbors;

12 – Accept visits of the premises if requested by the lessor or their representative;

13 – Waive any recourse against the lessor in case of theft and damage in the rented premises;

14 – Maintain the rented accommodation and return it in good condition of cleanliness and repairs at the end of the rental. If items listed in the inventory are damaged, the landlord may claim their replacement value.




A. Inventory of entry

A joint and contradictory check-in inventory of the furniture will be established upon the tenant(s)’ arrival and will be checked again at the end of the rental period. If the check-in and/or inventory are not established jointly and signed simultaneously by the lessor (or their representative) and the tenant(s), the check-in and/or inventory conducted solely by the lessor (or their representative) and provided to the tenant(s) upon their entry into the accommodation will be contestable by the tenant(s) within 48 hours following the delivery of the check-in report.

In the absence of any dispute by the tenant within this 48-hour period, the check-in report and inventory carried out by the lessor and provided to the tenant(s) upon their entry into the accommodation will be deemed accepted without reservation by the tenant(s).

B. Departure inventory

An inventory and a condition report will be established by the landlord (or their representative) and the tenant(s) at the end of the rental period, with each party retaining a signed copy. In the absence of such a condition report and/or inventory established unilaterally by the tenant(s), the absence of objection by the landlord within 48 hours following the end of the rental period shall be considered as an acknowledgment of the return of the premises in good condition and/or a complete inventory.

The return of keys to the landlord at the end of the rental period shall in no way imply a waiver of the tenant’s responsibility for any necessary repairs if it is proven that such repairs are the responsibility of the tenant(s). If no inventory was conducted, the tenant(s) is presumed to have received the rented premises in good condition and must return them in the same condition, unless proven otherwise (Article 1731 of the Civil Code).

If no damages were noted during the contradictory departure inventory, the lessor (or their representative) has a period of 8 days to refund the security deposit.



Either party (tenant(s) or landlord) can cancel without justification up to 30 days before the start of the stay (45 days for stays in July and August). Within this period, the stay is considered due in its entirety. For any cancellation of the stay due to force majeure on the part of the tenant(s), a full refund will be provided by the landlord (subject to the presentation of an original justification from the tenant(s)).



Upon arrival, a security deposit of 2,000€ (for Le Mas and the Annexe) and 2,500€ (for the Grand Mas) will be requested in cash to cover any potential damages caused by the tenant(s) during the stay.
The refund of this security deposit will occur either on the day of departure or within 7 days following the end of the stay. If any deduction is made by the landlord due to damage or breakage, the landlord must be able to provide an invoice or a repair/replacement quote.